Upcoming Events

January – April 2018


All of our webinars take place in the Classroom. Space is limited and priority will be given to current and past GWA clients. Prices: US$5 for GWA clients/US$10 for non GWA clients except when noted. To register, email Marjane Nakello at mnakello(at)globalwireonline(dot)org.

Extreme Website Makeover – 13 January 2018, 12 pm ET

A new year should be a fresh start for everything, including your website.  Do you have a boring or outdated website that looks like it was designed in 2008 or even 1998? Join Global Wire Associates Managing Director Talia Whyte and new staff members of the newly organized creative studio Global Wire Design give tips on how to create a new website or redesign a current website.  We will also showcase a “before and after” of two websites we redesigned recently.   Space is limited and priority will be given to current and past GWA clients.

Interactive Multimedia – 27 January 2018, 12 pm ET

Interactive Multimedia offers a broad range of career opportunities such as computer animation, video game design and development, digital video and audio effects, user interaction design, graphics and web design and e-commerce, as well as many others.  Global Wire Associates managing director Talia Whyte will introduce viewers to some basic principles by creating an interactive website using audio, video, and animation and explore other opportunities in this growing field.

ContentCamp – 5-9 February 2018

Branding and Strategic Content Development – Saturday, 10 February 2018, 12 pm ET

Having a clear brand is very important for every individual and organization today, but are you clearly delivering your message?  Whether you are looking to motivate your customers or supporters, establish credibility or grow your organization, it is vital to spend time researching and building your brand with a solid content development strategy.  Global Wire Associates Managing Director Talia Whyte and Program Director Marjane Nakello will lead an interactive discussion on how content marketing can help establish your brand.

STEM to STEAM – Saturday, 24 February 2018, 12 pm ET

Did you know art and design play a big role in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) sectors?  Global Wire Associates Programs Director Marjane Nakello will lead a panel discussion with some creative professionals who are working on ways to better include arts curriculum in STEM and ICT education and forecast the future of STEAM in the global economy.  

Social Media and Content Mini-conference  – Saturday, 10 March 2018, 12 pm -4 pm ET 
So how do you really use social media effectively to support your brand?  It’s easy; you need to have good content!  We will spend the afternoon with some social media experts to discuss how to navigate the social media world, how to create great content to share and how to analyze the effectiveness of your social campaigns.

Designing Women – 24 March 2018, 10 am – 2 pm ET 

Did you know that women are huge consumers of technology, but the number of women in technology careers is minuscule?  There are a variety of reasons for the low numbers, ranging from a lack of female role models, gender stereotyping and discrimination and poor training opportunities.  We will have a panel of women who work in web design, web development, user experience (UX) design and software design who will talk about their careers and why there should be more designing women!

Graphic Design and Human Rights – 7 April 2018, 12 pm ET

Graphic and communication design has played a significant role in presenting a variety of human rights in a visually compelling way.  Join Global Wire Associates R&D Director Maria Ferrara and a panel of graphic designers for an interactive presentation about the history of this art form in social movements.

Solar Justice- 21 April 2018, 12 pm ET 

Access to energy is a fundamental key to economic and social development worldwide. However, approximately 1.6 billion people in the world are living without access to electricity.  Most of these people use wood, coal or even dung to heat and cook in their homes, which can result in indoor air pollution that kills 1.6 million people a year.   Furthermore, those without regular access to electricity can’t recharge their electronics and be active participants in the digital world.  Global Wire Associates Editorial Director Philip Lee will discuss the growing solar justice movement and how you can get involved. 

In Person Classes

Kingston, Jamaica – 11-13 January

Workshops: content strategy, web design, and development, broadband advocacy, e-waste advocacy, mobile entrepreneurship

Manila, Philippines – 11-15 February
Workshops: broadband advocacy, e-waste advocacy, mobile entrepreneurship

Dakar, Senegal – 3-7 March
Workshops: content strategy, basic Internet skills, mobile entrepreneurship, e-waste activism. We are also partnering up with a couple of youth groups for a series of training on social entrepreneurship.

Washington, DC – 3-6 April
Workshops: e-waste advocacy