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Digital Training Workshops

Basic Internet training is the cornerstone of Global Wire Associates.  We work with anyone who is seriously interested in empowering themselves through technology for activism, professional or personal growth.

Current Courses Offered:

  • Introduction to Blogging

  • Introduction to Electronic Waste Recycling

  • Upcycling Your Technology

  • Creating Digital Strategies for Your Brand

  • Principles of Media Literacy

  • Introduction to Web Accessibility and Diversity

  • Principles of Media Development

  • Principles of Media for Development (ICT4D focus)

  • Basic Web Design Principles for ICT4D

  • Basic WordPress Maintenance

  • Introduction to Ebook Publishing

  • Collateral Strategy for Small Business & Nonprofits

  • Strategic Content Development for Small Businesses

  • Strategic Content Development for Nonprofits/Activism

  • Strategic Content Development for Government Agencies/Employees

Collateral Strategy

Collateral is print and/or online media used to market a product, service or campaign. Collateral can include business cards, flyers, websites, brochures, portfolios, and e-books. We can design a collateral strategy that supports your organizational or personal growth.

E-Waste Consultation

According to the United Nations Environmental Programme, it is estimated that 20-50 million tons of discarded electronics – electronic waste or e-waste – are dumped into landfills around the world, mostly in developing countries, every year.  Global Wire Associates works with organizations on how they can reduce their waste.

Project Management

We have experience working on web design and content projects that involve many designers, writers, and developers. We can help get your project moving in a smart, cohesive manner and, most importantly, on schedule.

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