About Us

Global Wire Associates is a digital communications firm that specializes in creating compelling content and engaging websites, and hosting Internet classes for individuals, small businesses and nonprofits. The firm was founded in 2005 by journalist Talia Whyte.

Our Leadership Team

Talia Whyte

Managing Director

Talia Whyte is responsible for shaping the vision of all projects within the firm as well as maintaining the overall brand strategy.  She is also a freelance journalist who has been reporting on issues related to social justice, media, and technology for over 15 years.  Some of her work can be found in the Houston Chronicle, The Progressive, Boston Globe, theGrio, MSNBC, PBS, among many others.

Languages: English, Spanish, French and Arabic

Philip Lee

Editorial Director

Philip Lee is responsible for overall content and publishing for our website and Global Wire Books. A native of Hong Kong, Lee has a background in technology journalism and his interests include Asian economic systems and international trade policy.  Please contact him about story pitches for our blog.

Languages: English and Chinese

Marjane Nakello

Director of Programs and Business Operations

Marjane Nakello provides input for, and monitor the implementation of the firm’s procurement, staffing, operational, and programming assistance plans.  Nakello has over 20 years of experience in operations management and information technology. Her interests include women’s issues and public health in Africa and the Middle East. Please contact her about media inquiries for Talia Whyte.

Languages: English, Kiswahili, Farsi, and Arabic

Maria Ferrara

Director of Research and Development

Maria Ferrara oversees the development of reports, surveys, and statistical marketing collateral for both in-house and external procurement. A Mexican national, Ferrara grew up in Los Angeles and has been involved in digital activism around recent debates about immigration reform.

Languages: English, Spanish, and French

We create solutions for
making technology and marketing
accessible and strategic.

Our Roots

In the beginning, the idea for Global Wire Associates started out as a simple blog called Global Wire by Talia Whyte.  After a few months of blogging, she started getting a small following of readers, which included Marjane Nakello, who was then an IT health management consultant based in Kenya. They would later hire Spanish instructor Maria Ferrara and technology reporter Philip Lee to help grow the blog into a sustainable business.

Our Journey

We started out hosting digital literacy classes for those who would otherwise not have that access.  As technology and marketing have evolved over the years, so has Global Wire Associates approach to working with the changing needs of its clientele.  Today, we are a full-service digital agency that also provides online classes and runs a design production studio, an e-media publisher, and an electronic waste consultancy.

Our Destination

When we started out in 2005, we were a staff of four individuals with a goal of making communication accessible to all.  Today, our dynamic team of 11 talented staff members works with communication leaders and managers in the nonprofit, private and governmental sectors.  Since 2005, Global Wire Associates has worked with over 6,000 clients in 54 countries on a wide variety of media projects.

The staff at Global Wire Associates is very professional and helpful. They took the time to explain the importance of having a brand identity for my consulting business.- Ravi Sharma, nonprofit management consultant, UK
Global Wire Design created my dream website. It was great to finally have a website that represented our organizational values.- Marcus Komo, doctor, Ghana
GWA gave me concise and direct information on what I need to build a successful website.- Ayu Dinihari, journalist, Indonesia
Thanks to the GWA team on getting our HIV online strategy off the ground.- Franklin Sibale, HIV/AIDS advocate, Tanzania
We have purchased a couple of the ‘Short Guides’ from Global Wire Books for my students and they liked them very much. The information in them are good and useful for the studies.- Femi Johnson, educator, Trinidad & Tobago
GWA provided training in Portuguese in digital activism that was immediately useful for our work.- Mariam Alves, environmental lawyer, Brazil