5 Rules for Great Content Marketing

The world "Content"We are regularly asked what makes content marketing great.  What we tell everyone is that no matter how many social media accounts you use or how fabulous your website looks, content is and will always be king, and how you position it will make or break your online marketing strategy.

Below are some rules we have come up with over the last decade:

  1. Have a content strategy: We can’t say this enough; create a strategy and editorial calendar to schedule content ideas for publication.
  2. Get inspired: You can never run out of ideas for content.  Get inspiration from reading different websites and publications for content ideas.
  3. Repurpose: Figure out what old content got the most traffic and user traction and repurpose it in new formats.
  4. Experiment with multiple formats: If you blog, why not venture into podcasting?  Use email marketing? Why not try Twitter or Facebook?  Using diverse formats can get your content out to more potential users.  
  5. Quality, not quantity: In today’s digital world, there is pressure to publish a lot of content all the time.  However, the quality of the content might suffer because of this.  It is better to publish one video or blog post in a week that are high quality than six or seven videos or posts of poorer quality.    

And that is just a few!  Our July ContentCamp has already sold out, but we will be taking registrations for our October class starting 15 August 2016!

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