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Questions Image Credit: AllThingsDI know this might seem like a crazy question, but I wanted to know what is the benefit of blogging for business.  I own a small insurance company and my employees think it would be good idea to blog, as I have over 30 years experience in insurance that I could share on the blog.  I am on the fence about starting a blog.

– Carline Davis, Los Angeles, California, USA

We think you answered your own question!  Most companies have blogs to share expertise, gain professional recognition, and attract new clients.  Your 30 years of experience helps you stand out from other insurance bloggers, and makes you a trustworthy, thought leader in your industry, which potential clients would value.

Your experience can help produce useful content, which will help draw traffic to your company’s online brand.  Studies show that clients have a more positive opinion about the company after reading their blog.  Because of this, blogs are one of the most important parts of a company’s content strategy.  Most companies today either have staff member who blogs as part of their job, or they hire someone whose only job is to post on the company blog.  

Of course, you are reading our company blog right now, which has been successful because of consistency and dedication, even if it is just one blog post a week!

You also might want to check out our publication Short Guide to Blogging.

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