Thinking Like A Content Strategist

The world "Content"Whether it is posting on the company blog or creating videos for YouTube, content marketing plays an important role in how businesses get the word out to their customer bases.  Many corporations today hire full-time staff members just to run their online content strategies.  However, this is not a financially viable option for most small businesses and nonprofits that operate with limited employees and resources.  

Luckily, there are many tools and strategies available today that can help smaller organizations have the mindset of a content strategist.  

  1. Branding: Knowing what your company is and what it represents will give you the best guidance in how to create a content strategy.
  2. Customer base: Who buys your products or services?  What is the best way to communicate with them?  Facebook? Blogging? Twitter? etc
  3. Marketing goals: What are your marketing goals and objectives both in the short and long term?
  4. Budget: Can you afford to implement a content strategy?  Do you need to hire someone to do it?
  5. Time: How much time is needed to implement a strategy on a regular basis?  Will you need to have your employees split the responsibilities of creating content?    
  6. Editorial guidelines: It is best to set up guidelines to clarify acceptable content that can be published, such as tone, topics and and formats.
  7. Editorial calendar: This is a simple calendar that shows when and what content is being created and published.
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