GWA 10th Anniversary Year In Review

Global Wire Associates Celebrating 10 Years of ServiceThanks to everyone who have followed our journey for the last 10 years on this blog.  We wouldn’t be here today without your support.  We looking to providing you the same high quality service in the future.

Below are the winners of our anniversary contest.  They will all receive a refurbished iPod Nano as a thank you.

“I didn’t know anything about getting a website going for my business.  When I contacted Global Wire Design, they were good with explaining everything I needed to get my web presence off the ground.  They designed a website for me within in three weeks with everything I wanted and their professional suggestions.  I would definitely do business again with them.” – William Reid, New York City, NY, USA

“I have been working with Global Wire Associates for four years now.  They are my go-to digital strategists. Thanks for your help!” – Nita Mahlangu, East London, South Africa

“I didn’t know the first thing about online marketing until a colleague referred me to Global Wire Associates.  The GWA folks helped me to develop a brand strategy that helped us get our campaign off the ground.” – Shawna Agard, Fort-de-France, Martinique

“I learn so much from the monthly online seminars because I learn from and get to talk to other people like me who are not tech-savvy, but want to be!” – Juan Gottardo, Valencia, Spain

Here’s a look back at our anniversary blog posts if you missed them:

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