Looking Towards Our Future

Global Wire Associates Celebrating 10 Years of ServiceThis is part of our year-long celebration of Global Wire Associates’ 10th Anniversary.

All this year we have highlighted the great work Global Wire Associates has done in the last decade. As you can see, we have grown as an organization. At our tenth anniversary party in September, we met with so many old friends and colleagues who congratulated us on making this milestone.

We are also thinking about our future and how we can continue delivering the highest quality service and products to our clients. Here are some things to look forward to in the near future:

Expanded Online Services: As the world becomes more connected, our work has reflected these changes. We already conduct many client meetings online through video conferencing. By popular demand, we will be rolling out a new text messaging service in 2016 in order to collaborate with clients in a more efficient manner.

More languages: We officially do business in English, although we have staff members who also speak French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese and Somali. Up until now, all publications through our curriculum program and Global Wire Books were published in English due to time and budget restrictions. We are happy to announce that we will now publish a limited number of multilingual reports, training manuals and ebooks based on regional and topic interest starting in mid 2016.

Audiobooks and Podcasts: You all have told us that you love our ebooks, and not just in English, but also in audio format. We plan to launch a series of English language audiobooks as companions for new books released starting in September 2016. If all goes as planned, we will also roll out a limited number of multilingual audiobooks by 2017. We also plan to release English language audio versions of our webinars as podcasts by late 2016.

More Online Seminars and Conferences: A couple of years ago, we decided to cut back on in-person meetings and increase online programming to reduce our budget and our carbon footprint. In the near future, we plan to drastically expand on more specialized, long-form webinars like ContentCamp and host mini-conferences where we can bring in experts in a wide variety of topics related to digital communications and ICT4D.

Discussion Group: We already have a discussion group for Blue members, but we plan to expand the forum to include audio and video replays, hopefully by the end of 2016. Building community plays a big role in the sustainability of our organization.

As we have been saying all year, we would not be here without you. As we end our tenth anniversary celebration, we hope you will continue on this journey with us into our next chapter.

Talia Whyte
Founder & Managing Director

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