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Global Wire Associates Celebrating 10 Years of ServiceThis is part of our year-long celebration of Global Wire Associates’ 10th Anniversary.

While officially Global Wire Design launched in 2014, we have actually been creating websites and other online marketing projects under the radar since 2008.  We always tell our clients that they need to have a content strategy established before a website is built.  Every once in a while, a client would ask us to redesign or design from scratch a website to accommodate that content strategy.

“Websites play major roles in creating images for people or company brands,” said Global Wire Associates interaction designer Jennifer Lippe.  “Websites can make or break how your organization is viewed by others and influence perspectives.”

In addition to working with individuals and small businesses, Global Wire Design has also done significant work with charities.  In late 2013 we started working on a short-term campaign with Solomon’s Children, a group of Jewish Ethiopians in Addis Ababa and Tel Aviv.  The campaign was a multimedia presentation designed to address the complex issues black Jews face worldwide, including racial attacks against them in Israel.

Solomon's Children

“It was important for the world to hear our story because our community makes unique contributions in the homelands of Israel and Africa, and that Jewish people are as diverse as the world,” said Solomon’s Children’s co-founder Yona Tesfaye.  “Global Wire Design did an excellent job of expressing our concerns through online media.”

Over a course of two months, we packaged 5 video interviews with representatives from the Beta Israel and Lemba communities who candidly discussed their experiences with race, culture and religion.  The website also included historical images and a timeline of African Jewry in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Cameroon.  The website campaign was used as an online companion piece for community discussions in Israel, Ethiopia, South Africa and Washington DC.

“After the community discussion, our discussion participants would go to the website to learn more about us,” Tesfaye said.  “I think the website helped us get our points across, effectively communicate our values and start a real conversation.”

The web campaign was such a success that Solomon’s Children is currently working with Global Wire Design on revamping the website with new images and video.  The new website is scheduled to debut later this year or early 2016. Stay tuned!

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