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Questions Image Credit: AllThingsDA couple of months ago I started writing blogs for my consulting business website.  I am a beauty and style consultant for women who have suffered traumatic health issues such as breast cancer and lupus.  I am a breast cancer survivor myself.  Up until two weeks ago I was posting blogs three times a week on beauty and style tips, but I have run out of ideas.  I think I am having writer’s block and just having a hard time trying to compete with other health and beauty blogger because there is already so much information on these topics online.  Do you have any suggestions for finding inspiration for ideas for my little blog?

– Carol Utzman, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We have all suffered from writer’s block, but you can never really run out of ideas for blog topics.  Sometimes you just need to get creative.  Here are some ways to find inspiration:

  1. Find a niche – Yes, the health/beauty/style space in the blogosphere is pretty crowded, but having a niche will help you stand out.  It looks like you have already found your niche with beauty/style tips for women suffering from serious ailments, which sets you apart from other bloggers.  There are not enough voices in that niche.
  2. Discuss personal experience – You also mentioned that you are a breast cancer survivor.  Sharing your personal experience from a beauty and style perspective can help you grow your readership by establishing your credibility on the topic.
  3. Scan niche trade publications and websites – Stay abreast of new and emerging topics in your industry, where blog ideas can flourish.
  4. Get Google Alerts – Have Google send the new and emerging topics to you directly
  5. Discuss controversial issues – Are there topics no one is willing to approach? Maybe you can share your two cents on the topic.
  6. Review competition – What are competing bloggers (if any) saying about some hot topics in your niche.  Do you have a contrarian view?
  7. Do product reviews – This is very easy.  There are always new beauty and style products coming onto the market that your audience would like your perspective on before purchasing it.
  8. Do book, TV or movie reviews – Tell your audience about a relevant TV program, movie or book you encountered and review it.
  9. Do interviews – You could interview other thought leaders in the beauty/style industry who can share relevant information to your audience.  Make-up artists, stylists and fashion designers come to mind.
  10. Don’t just write – If you are tired of writing on your blog, get creative and add images, video and audio podcasting to your posts.  Using alternative media can bring your blog to life and give your audience a different perspective on topics you discuss.
  11. Advice post – Just like you contacted us about your question about blogging tips, consider having a regular feature on your blog where you answer questions from your readership.

And on that note…

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