Good Copywriting Supports International Online Marketing

The world "Content"The global reach of the Internet today means a business can get customers from anywhere on the planet.  Here at Global Wire Associates, we provide copywriting and visual communication solutions for a growing number of private firms and NGOs all over the world.  It is more important than ever to make sure your content reaches potential audiences in a professional and culturally appropriate way.

What you have on your online presence can make or break your business and its credibility.  This is why you should invest in good copywriting for your company’s website, social media and email marketing.

Here are some things to think about for a content strategy:

  1. Do you know your customers? – If you target your services or products in specific countries or regions, do you know how to approach those customers the right way?  Before you jump into an international market, it would be a good idea to do a market research analysis of who your customers are and what are the best ways to market to them.  It will make it easier to determine what your copy should look like on your online presence.
  2. Do you know your competition? – One of the biggest obstacles to entering a new market internationally is dealing with competitors, especially those that are locally-based.  This is when you need to do a competitive digital analysis.  An analysis of your competitors’ websites, social media and email can give you a better idea of how they market themselves and make suggestions for how you can create a competitive advantage with your copy.
  3. Do you speak their language? – While English is the official language of the business world, if your market is in a non-English speaking country or region, your copy should be written in the language of that country or region.
  4. Do you understand social customs and business etiquette?  Knowing what is socially and culturally acceptable in a particular market is vital to an international marketing strategy.  Otherwise, you may end up offending and turning off your customers.  Read up on the social and business customs in the country or region in order to create a brand and selling strategy that is appropriate and acceptable.
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