Looking Forward To Some Exciting Upcoming GWA Programming

What's NewWe have a lot of exciting news to announce:

Classroom Premium

For the last year we have been running the Classroom, our video conferencing space for educational webinars and other live events.  We will begin a trial service of both on-demand and continuous streaming of our online video library this week.  Currently after any live events, the video is rebroadcast six times within the following 48 hours.

With our new Classroom Premium service, users will have the option to watch any video recorded in the last year on-demand at their convenience.  Users will also be able to watch replays of videos from the last four months streaming on a continuous loop.

Because we have such a vast international viewing audience, we want to better accommodate their learning needs.  We will continue to have closed captioning in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Russian and Chinese, with the possible addition of Hindi in the near future.

This trial service is currently only available for our Blue members.  We hope to fully launch this service for all GWA clients who want to opt in by 1 September 2015.

ContentCamp Expansion

We have also seen great interest in ContentCamp, our week-long webinar series for creating great content.  We plan to expand on the concept by including more discussions about project management.  The next ContentCamp starts in July 2015.  You can learn more about the program and the application process at globalwireonline.org/contentcamp.

Summer 2015 Internship Program

Global Wire Associates runs a highly selective summer internship program for both enrolled college students and adult learners who are interested in pursuing careers in communications, multimedia design, entrepreneurship, business management and market research.  This is a great opportunity to gain in-demand skills needed in today’s economy.  Many of our previous successful interns have either gained permanent positions within our organization or gone onto other jobs elsewhere with great recommendations from us!  Positions are available in all departments of GWA this year.

We are taking applications on a rolling basis until the right candidates are picked.  So apply sooner rather than later.  All interns are expected to start work on 15 May 2015 and ending 31 August 2015.

For job descriptions and application information, go to globalwireonline.org/internships.

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