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Millennium Development Goals Technology Road MapGlobal Wire Books is pleased to release its latest publication, Millennium Development Goals Technology Road Map, which highlights the role technology has played in supporting the goals and the development framework in general.   From giving e-readers to students, to subsistence farmers texting banking information on their mobiles, to using podcasts to bring more awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, technology has certainly made an impact.

However, there have also been many bumps along the way which have drawn much criticism in a variety of areas.  The Millennium Development Goals Technology Road Map helps us better understand benchmarks and areas where there is still a need for improvement coming onto the deadline, as well as looking beyond 2015.

“When the MDGs were first introduced 15 years ago, much of the technology we use today like Twitter, iPhones and podcasts didn’t exist,” said Global Wire Associates Managing Director Talia Whyte.  “Innovation has certainly helped to improve the lives of many people around the world.”

The book contains a survey that assesses how 600 current and former GWA clients from the six regions of the world we serve view the Millennium Development Goals from a technological perspective.  A majority of female survey participants from across all regions said that technology has helped to improve gender parity, in regards to education, healthcare and financial stability.  Many of our survey participants also want to see more ICT infrastructure development and Internet access in both urban and rural communities.

The Millennium Development Goals Technology Road Map also touches on the role of technology in the post-2015 agenda, such as e-commerce and better governance.

“The Millennium Development Goals were really just a platform to jump off and start discussing solutions for the world’s problems,” said Global Wire Associates Editorial Director Philip Lee.  “The post-2015 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals explicitly state that ICT will be part of future solutions and conversations.”

Millennium Development Goals Technology Road Map
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