Millennium Development Goals Tech Road Map Year In Review


This is part of our year-long series “Millennium Development Goals Tech Roadmap”

Thanks to everyone who supported this series.  We hope we brought more awareness to this crucial global agenda and will continue to have these discussions for many years to come.

All the posts from the series are listed below, if you missed any.

GWA Starts “Millennium Development Goals Tech Roadmap”

Can Technology Eradicate Poverty & Hunger?

It Takes An E-reader to Educate A Child

When You Educate A Tech Woman, You Create A Digital Nation

Can Technology Save A Child’s Life

Technology For Mothers Is Making A Difference

Ending Pandemics With One Click

E-waste Is The New Sustainability Crisis

A Digital Partnership For Development’s Future

ICT And Broadband’s Role In The Post 2015 Development Agenda

Millennium Development Goals Tech Road Map: Your Thoughts

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