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The State of International Communications 2014Global Wire Books is pleased to release today our annual report “The State of International Communications 2014.”  This is an assessment of how our clients view trends in information and communications technology (ICT) and social innovation.   2014 continues to see a steady rise of more survey participants accessing the Internet through mobile phones and tablets than on laptop and desktop computers.

“Mobile technology is here to stay and the shrinking digital gap is making the world a smaller, more productive world,” said Talia Whyte, managing director of Global Wire Associates.  “Our working and personal lives revolve around portable devices that keep us connected.”

The report also shows the decline in print media and postal mail for accessing information, and the growing interest in alternative energy for supporting ICT tools, especially in Sub Saharan Africa.

“More of our African participants seem to be aware of alternative energies due in part to the new Power Africa Initiative being led by USAID,” says Maria Ferrara, research and development director for Global Wire Associates.  “Power access continues to be the greatest impediment to development on the continent, but this new initiative is giving more hope for those who need proper electricity access.”

Our survey also shows that there are still technological disparities among women in developing countries. The majority of our participants in all regions agree that governments need to do more to make sure that ICT tools are accessible to all populations equally.

Note: All GWA partnering organizations will receive a complimentary hard copy of the report during our UN Week activities in New York City and an electronic version by email today.  Everyone else can buy the electronic version here.

The State of International Communications 2014
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