GWA Launches New Creative Studio Global Wire Design

Global Wire Design

Global Wire Associates will officially launch on 1 July 2014 its latest venture, Global Wire Design.  The firm has merged its web design and digital media services into a specialized creative studio that supports GWA’s mission.

“More than ever our clients are no longer looking for just a website; they want an online experience that integrates multimedia and interaction design,” said Talia Whyte, Global Wire Associates’ managing director.

In addition to web design strategy, Global Wire Design will provide user experience analysis, interactive multimedia production and responsive design services.  The studio’s services will be geared towards small businesses and nonprofits.  Global Wire Design will also provide in-house creative support for other internal GWA projects.

“Many entrepreneurs and NGO leaders tell us that they need these new technologies for marketing, but  the cost to build even a basis website can be cost prohibitive,” said Marjane Nakello, Global Wire Associates program director.  “Global Wire Design will fill the gap by creating affordable, high quality online experiences with the latest technologies that meet the needs of any organization.”

Join Talia Whyte and new staff members of the studio at our online launch party live on Tuesday, 1 July 2014 at Noon EDT in the Classroom.  The party will replay throughout the day through 2 July. RSVP at info(at)globalwireonline(dot)org.

To find out more about Global Wire Design, go to

In addition to Global Wire Design, GWA is also the parent company to Global Wire Books, a digital imprint that launched in 2013. More information at


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