4 Ways To Avoid Content Fog

Content Fog

With the growing democratization of the Internet, anyone can be an online publisher and their content can be seen instantly by millions around the world.  However, not all content is good content.  There is this theory called content fog, which can be a barrier to successfully supporting your online brand.

As we have discussed before, a content strategy is a structured and purposeful plan for your organizational messaging.  Before you launch a new online presence, think about some of these tips when you are creating a content strategy and cut through the fog.

  1. Irrelevant, useless content – Why are you posting pictures of your cat on your business blog that is supposed to be about accounting?  When users visit your online presence, whether it is your website, blog or any of the many social media platforms, they are expecting to find content that is relevant to your brand.  Also, staying on topic will help you grow your audience.
  2. Duplicate content – When you create content, you want to create your own style that is easily identifiable.  Try to not put out content that looks like a carbon copy of content that can be found somewhere else online. Also, your users will think you lack originality and your brand is not worth the time or attention.
  3. Too much content – We all know people who seem to have all the time in the world to post updates on Twitter or Facebook every five minutes or blog posts several times a day.  There is nothing wrong with posting content that might be of interest to your audience; however, it becomes problematic when you post too often AND the content is useless.  When you do post something that is useful, your audience is possibly tuning you out because of the deluge of useless content they mostly see from you.  In short, strive for quality not quantity, and only post when you have something important, useful and relevant to say.  Your audience will thank you.
  4. Out of date content – You have a blog, but you only have three posts and the last post was done five months ago.  But you still tell everyone that you have a blog.  In order to gain and maintain an audience you have to post content on a regular, consistent basis.  You might want to strongly consider setting up an editorial calendar to schedule when you post content.

Want to know more about creating a successful content strategy? Check out our Short Guide To Content Strategy.

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