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Recharge E-waste book coverGlobal Wire Books releases today the second edition of one of its bestselling books, Recharge E-waste: Ideas For Reducing Electronic Waste And Greening The Tech World.  Up until recently, e-waste or electronic waste activism was viewed as a fringe sector within the environmental movement.  However, because e-waste has become the fastest growing solid waste stream worldwide, the issue is now a mainstream concern.

Recharge E-waste is an interactive short guide that introduces readers to the complex issues concerning electronic waste and possible ideas around reducing it in the waste stream.  The second edition features updated consumer statistics and new information about the dangers e-waste pose to data security.

“The issue of cyber attacks is one of the most challenging economic and security issues happening globally right now,” said author Talia Whyte.  “Millions of old computers and mobiles are dumped in landfills that have not been properly erased of sensitive data ranging from family photos to credit card or bank statements to even confidential government contracts.  Cyber criminals scrounge through the trash to lift this data off of disposed electronics that is later used in scams and hackings.”

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Now through Earth Day, 22 April 2014 you can purchase Recharge E-waste directly from Global Wire Associates’ website for US$2.99!

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