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Recent news about the NSA scandal further highlights the importance of protecting civil liberties, which includes supporting a free and robust press.  Internews, one of the leading organizations empowering local media worldwide, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.  The organization has worked in more than 90 countries training both professional and citizen journalists to tell better stories using innovative communication tools.

Independent media has become more important than ever before, in light of the many recent  uprisings around the world.  While the Internet has created a larger platform for free speech and fair and balanced reporting, more countries have tried to repress those freedoms many, many, many times just in the last year alone.

Internews recently launched Internews Next, an initiative that highlights the work of young journalists under 30 getting training from professional reporters, bloggers and web developers around the world.  Some of the projects include Pakistani youth training with National Geographic photographers, Ugandan youth using video advocacy, and Chadian youth building a sustainable community radio station.

Check out this short video about the project.

“It has been proven that when you invest in quality, local independent media, you get better government accountability, better government transparency, better health and social outcomes, as well as better economic outcomes,” said Jeanne Bourgault, Internews President and CEO.  “Media and information is a root solution to the world’s development problems.”

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