How to “Recharge” Your Old iPad

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In case you have been hiding under a rock for the last week, you already know that Apple has released its latest version of the iPad, which has a “stunning Retina display, 5MP iSight camera and ultrafast 4G LTE.”  While these new features might be very attractive, don’t allow your old iPads to become e-waste, wrecking havoc in a landfill somewhere.  All year we will discuss the problem of e-waste and how you can “recharge” your used electronics.  Here are our ideas on how to properly give your tablet a second life.

1. Use the old iPad as a secondary computer: If you do plan on buying a new iPad, consider using the old one as a backup computer to store older files that you don’t use everyday, but want to have easy access to for special occasions.   Or give the computer to a child or an elder in your family who could benefit from it.  Also, more people we know are using their older tablets as home television replacements.

2. Learn how to properly resell your old iPad: If you choose to get rid of your tablet, there are many ways to resell it the right way.  First, check out used electronics stores in your area like CEX to see where you will get the best bargain.  You can resell it back to Apple for $320.  Also, reselling to online sites like eBay and Craigslist is an option as well.  Wherever you resell, make sure your tablet is in top shape by following these steps.

3. Donate your old iPad: If you are feeling charitable, consider properly donating your tablet.  There are a wide range of charities that will accept gently used iPads, such as the World Computer ExchangeTeach for America, Fireside International and many nonprofits in your community.  Also, you can sell them on eBay and donate between 10 percent to 100 percent of the profits to your favorite charity.

4. Properly recycle your old iPad: So if your tablet is beyond reusable, DON’T throw it in the trash.  Even if you take your iPad to a recycling center, it may not properly dispose of your electronic.  Make sure the recycler you go to is certified by your local government like the U.S. EPA and Basel Action Network’s E-stewards certification program.

Even when you buy your new iPad, you can still exhibit your dedication to being green savvy and tech savvy with this vintage recycled iPad outfit.

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