#OccupytheHood Reaches Out to Underserved Communities

For the last month, the world has been engaged by the grassroots uprising of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  However, there were immediate complaints that there was a lack of activists of color in the crowds.  In the last few days alone, activists of color have started their own movement using Facebook and Twitter, and their followers have grown exponentially.

From Al-Jazeera:

…Occupy The Hood was born out of a need that we saw to try to get people of colour involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement – not just in New York, but all around the world – to get involved in the general assemblies where decisions are made.

Without everybody, it’s not a true representation of the 99 per cent. I don’t know if the doors are being closed to people of colour, but this does involve us – come out and get involved in it. It’s not a white fight, it’s a people’s fight. We can’t be counted if we’re not there – if we’re not present to be counted…

“Occupy the Hood Boston” had their first gathering on Oct. 21 – the first gathering of its kind in the country. Of course, our Talia Whyte was there to record the beginning of this movement above.

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