Green Business is Good Business

Another Earth Day has come and gone, but here at GWA, we take the business of being green seriously year round.  We’re a small operation that doesn’t use many resources, but as a socially responsible organization, sustainable business practices are key. We thought this would be a great time to tell you guys how our business keeps it real by keeping it green.

And occasional shameless self-promotion is not a bad thing either, so here we go.


Most of the our electronic tools – cameras, computers, mobiles – are completely used or have recycled parts. We do this to help reduce the growing problem of “e-waste.”  Also, all of our computer equipment connect to power strips, which we turn off at the end of the work day to preserve energy.

Office Supplies
Because we do cloud computing, we rarely use paper, writing utensils or printers. However, whenever we do use paper, it is recycled. In fact, we use paper made out of sugar cane waste.

When our business formed six years ago, we depended heavily on traveling by air plane to meet with our clients worldwide. However, with the emergence of social media being used for business, we do a lot of web conferencing, which is better both for the planet and our budget.

Food/Office Parties
Okay, so we don’t do many office parties as a cloud computing firm, but as big supporters of food sustainability, we try to buy locally grown, organic food and make our own lunches at home most of the time. Sometimes we might even email pictures of our lunches to each other just for the heck of it!

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