5 Lessons from the Middle East…so far

What an interesting last few days!!!!

We have been watching everything going on in Egypt with great excitement. The power of digital activism takes its place again on the world stage, but this is more than just a so-called “Twitter Revolution” as the mainstream media likes to describe it. Here are some thoughts we are pondering in our office, which are some great digital lessons to live by going forward.

1. You know it’s a bad sign when a hostile government not only shuts down Internet access, but also harasses journalists

2. Bloggers are the new rock stars of foreign correspondence

3. Flip cameras and other video mobile devices are the greatest things to happen to digital activism

4.  From Tunisia to Egypt, all roads always seem to led back to WikiLeaks

5. Now that everyone is paying attention online, lets shift the discussion to some reasons for the protests, like high food prices, the problematic biofuel industry and the growing unemployment rate in the region

So what are your lessons so far? No, we don’t have any Flip cameras to give away this time; we just want your thoughts on this very timely issue.

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