And Now Your Thoughts On Online Video Activism

So we asked you guys to send us your thoughts on video activism online.  Below are the top three winners of our Flip camera contest:

Angela “Miracle” Mennoko – East London, South Africa

“I have felt so inspired by the activism during the Iranian presidential protests last year.  The power of video was showing the suppression of free speech in that country and the power of people when they organize.  The activists in Iran reminded me of the anti-apartheid activities during the 1980s and I was a youth at the time.  I can only imagine how the lives of us blacks and Coloureds would have been different if we had cameras on our mobiles to take pictures of the white regime police.  The world would have seen a different South Africa.”

Kim-Ly Nguyen – Hanoi, Vietnam

“I have only been following things like for only three years, but I feel so connected to the rest of the world. I followed the protests in Thailand last spring online and I was amazed.  I subscribed to Twitter for the first time so I could be able to follow the protesters online and retweet their messages because I wanted other people to know what was going on.  I felt like I was right there in Thailand.  Now I want to know how to shoot video to record social activism.”

Reggie Marshal – Roseau, Dominica

“I got my first computer three years ago just before Barack Obama declared his candidacy for president in America.  I am not an American citizen, but I like how his campaign used social media like YouTube to do online commercials.  They were very convincing.  I also liked how voters put up their own videos to support Mr Obama.  They made the race more interesting to watch for someone from afar like myself.  Mr Obama’s video activism made me want to get more involved in politics in the Caribbean and South America.”

Thanks to all who submitted their thoughts.  We are in the process of organizing a series of video trainings in the spring. Stay tuned!

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